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Mobiles & Tablets

    PHONE PHIX  provides professional mobile phone/Tablet/Laptop/PC Repair services for most kinds of models. We are dedicated in helping customers with our knowledge of phone repair.

    We Sell unlocked handsets outright and all the accessories for most of phone models.

    Most repairs are done within 30-60 minutes with 90 days warranty for all repairs.

    • Battery / Charging Issues

    • Screen/LCD

    • Bluetooth Error

    • Camera Issues

    • Cracked screen / Damaged LCD

    • Buttons Not Working

    • Housing and Frame Issues

    • Connection / Reception Issues

    • Sim Card / SD Card Issues

    • Speaker and Earphone Issues

    • Water Damaged

    • Wifi Error

    • Others

    We repair most models Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, OPPO, Many More..

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